What to Expect:

At our open layout facility, your dog is offered indoor and outdoor play areas shared with other fun-loving pups. There is always an attendant on site who encourages play time with a variety of toys, scented bubbles and play structures. Indoor, there are blankets and mattresses where your furry friend can choose to rest. We also have theme days when dogs are often found dressed up for a photo op if they are amendable.

On their first visit, your dog is slowly introduced to the group and closely monitored for comfort and temperament. When needed, play groups are separated by size and/or age. Any reasonable special request are happily honored.

Our animal-loving staff can often be found playing with or sitting quietly and cuddling with the dogs. They strive to know each dog as if they were their own.

Daycamp Policy

The safety of our canine guests is our top priority, which is why we require all dogs to complete an initial evaluation. The purpose is to make sure that your dog is compatible and enjoys our off-leash play environment with friends.

Before joining our daycare pack, dogs must also be:

  • at least 14 weeks old
  • spayed or neutered if over 6 months
  • current on required vaccines: rabies, DHPP and bordetella
  • free of fleas


* Evaluation = $40.00

* Puppy Play Time (9am-12pm) = $15

* 1 day pass = $35.00

* 5 day pass = $170.00 ($34/day)

* 10 day pass = $335.00 ($33.5/day)

* 20 day pass = $650.00 ($32.5/day)

* Unlimited 3 month pass= $775.00 ($21.5/day if using three times weekly for 3 months)

All passes expire after 3 months


Daycamp Form – PDF